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Cannoli                         $4.25

Pizza Bone                      $4.25

Flat Cupcake                    $3.25

Large Donut                   $4.25

Tuxedo Puppy                   $2.50

Cupcake                           $3.25

Peanut Butter Cup         $3.25

Small Donut                  $2.75

Squirrel                         $2.50

Paw Print                       $3.25

Dipped Bone                   $2.50

Large Ice Cream Cone     $4.25

Crowd Favorite!

Baker's Dozen Special Pricing: ​ Mix and match any 12 treats and receive a 13th treat free!

We are proud to offer fresh baked gourmet dog treats, made from all natural human-grade ingredients that are completely safe for dogs.  Most treats stay fresh for 2+ months without refrigeration, or for 6+ months frozen.

To Order from Your Mobile Phone:

  • Take a screenshot of the thumbnails below.
  • Write the quantities you would like next to each image in the screenshot.
  • Text your order to 310-944-3232.

Call or Text: 310-944-3232

Top Seller!

Most Popular!

​​Styles and colors are subject to availability and may change without notice.